Guide to Sexy Role Play Costumes

guide to sexy dress up and role play costumes

Sexy Role Play & Dress-up Costume Guide

Want to get a little frisky with some bedroom role play but not sure if you should go for a naughty nurse or a french maid? Role play can be healthy for a relationship. It’s a bit of escapism and gets you out of your comfort zone to have some fantasy fun! Easily the best way to put some spark and excitement back into your sex life!

A Police uniform is perfect if you want to take charge and fancy getting the handcuffs out for a little light bondage….. his truncheon will definitely be pleased! Or, if you want your lover to take the lead, try a cheeky school girl, cheerleader or saucy secretary costume. Perhaps he could be the doctor to your naughty nurse and you can test each other’s bedside manner. Maybe you just want to surprise your other half after a hard day and give him a hard night! Meet him at the door in a french maid outfit and wait on him for the evening, you’ll be sure to get a tip.

Lets Talk About Sex

Not sure how to approach the topic of role play? Drop a few hints to your partner and get the conversation leaning towards fantasies and what turns you both on. Who knows, you could end up with a wardrobe full of fantasy role play costumes for every day of the week!

It's also important at this stage to set your boundaries. Discuss with your other half what you are and aren't comfortable with them doing or saying. If you're involving any sort of bondage in your play, remember to set a safe word so that your partner knows exactly when you want them to stop (although you may be begging for more!)

As long as you don’t over plan it or take yourselves too seriously you will be guaranteed to have fun and a mind blowing night….... if it’s your first time dressing up, it won’t be your last!