Guide to 'One Size' Lingerie

Guide to one size lingerie

Buying for yourself or someone else and still baffled by styles and sizes even after reading our guide? In between sizes (or diets) or just a bit unsure of how something will fit? Well, let us introduce you to our one size and one size plus (queen) size lingerie.

Designed with stretch fabric for comfort and a flattering fit for most shapes and sizes, our one size lingerie and role play costumes are sure to fit the bill (and you)!

As long as you know that you or the person you are buying for falls between a UK dress size 6-16 or 16-24 you’ve cracked it. In general, our brands ‘one size’ fits a UK 6 to a smaller 16 and the ‘one size plus or queen size’ fits a bigger UK 16 to 24.

Remember – Sexy comes in all sizes!

Tip: If you’re buying for someone else take a peek at few of her dress labels to check her size.