Guide to Lingerie

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There is something about sexy lingerie that pushes all the right buttons. It’s revealing just the right amount, whilst leaving a little to the imagination that keeps the mystery alive, AND it’s one of the easiest ways to immediately get your lover’s attention!

Sexy lingerie is just like wearing makeup or getting a new hairstyle. It makes you feel good, it’s empowering and is a way of expressing your femininity. The feel of soft, silky satin and lace lingerie wrapped around your sexy curves is a sure-fire way to boost your confidence and add an extra spring to your step.

Long term relationship monotony set in? There’s no better way to break that cycle than flaunting your assets in sexy lingerie. Whose turn it is to do the dishes won’t seem important when you step into an open crotch bodystocking - and find a new use for that kitchen table!

We’ve put together some simple and helpful guides to make sure you know everything there is to know about choosing your new lingerie.

Style Guide

Body Shape Guide

Guide to ‘One Size’ Lingerie

Dress-up Costume Guide

Guide to Loving Your Lingerie for Longer

Guide to Wearing Underwear as Outerwear

♥Swimwear Guide

From Style Guides to Guides on Body Shape we have all the tools you need to pick sexy little numbers, right for you. Whether you are buying for yourself or as a gift, we can help you to ignite (or reignite) the passion.

Style Guide

Lingerie style guide

Are you wondering what on earth the difference is between a babydoll and a corset? Or did you think a teddy was cute and furry with paws? Well keep calm and read on….. we have all the definitions you need to help you choose what best suits your mood and style.

Babydoll – Designed for comfort but also universally flattering, and ideal when you’re trying to master a sweet and innocent look! Short and floating to show off your legs, pretty babydolls with cups usually flare out under the bust which mean they enhance up top, but flatter around the middle. They can also come in an open bust style, which creates a more provocative look. Typical babydolls are trimmed with lace, ruffles, bows and ribbons.They are sometimes split up the middle to show a flirty peak of what is underneath and are often worn as a sexy nighty. They are almost always worn with a sexy G-string or thong as a finishing touch. Sheer chiffon and silky fabrics trimmed with lace are mostly used for this style of Lingerie.

Chemise – Similar to a babydoll but usually more fitted, like a mini dress but not as tight. Chemises, also known as slips, are very feminine and sophisticated. With a slightly tailored design they cling to the right parts and flatter most shapes.Often made of a silky material trimmed with ribbons bows and lace, they are versatile, and can be worn as night gowns, or under clothes. Worn on their own, chemises are sexy and tasteful.

Garter Slip – A tight chemise with attached suspender straps for stockings. This is a lingerie essential that gets full marks for sexy! It’s also versatile and can be worn as a slip under a dress. With the latest strappy designs, why not wear it with just a skirt, stockings and heels.

Teddy – A one-piece garment that covers the torso and crotch. Similar instyle to a bodysuit, but typically looser, making it flattering for any shape. With design variations from cut out backs, tie ups and plunge necklines you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to this sensual and sexy lingerie. Teddies can be lined or unlined, have structure near the bust or not, the closure can vary but is usually at the crotch.

Rompers – These cute little numbers are very similar to the teddies, but instead of a bikini-style bottom half, they are styled like shorts. It’s also one of the simplest lingerie staples to shop for and to wear, as they move with the body and don’t require a super tight fit like a corset or bustier. Ideal for cute bedtime or loungewear.

Bodysuit – One piece and tight fitting, the bodysuit covers the torso and the crotch. Similar in style to a swimsuit or a leotard, and sometimes worn as a top with jeans or a skirt. This red hot lingerie style is a must with lots of ‘on trend’ designs featuring sexy lace overlays and attached chokers. Embrace your curves with this piece and maybe show off some skin with a stylish cut out design.

Camisole - Regularly referred to as a cami, this piece of lingerie is a very feminine. A sleeveless undershirt that is often made of satin or cotton. Camisoles are generally extended to the waist but can also come in versions that expose the stomach. Camisoles sometimes have built in bra for support and thin spaghetti straps. This loose-fitting style is becoming more popular as outer wear and is often rocked by celebs.

Bodystocking – The bodystocking is a timeless classic in the world of sexy lingerie. Essentially a bodystocking covers the whole body, including the legs – it is literally a body combined with stockings all-in-one.Bodystockings sometimes feature sleeves, scoop back or neck lines and can be open crotch. Style options also vary from fishnet to fencenet, sheer to lace. Seductively clinging to your every curve, this lingerie is a certainty for super sexy!

Corset / Bustier – Corsets and bustiers are without doubt the most erotic and sexy lingerie style. Corsets are generally designed to cover the torso and bust (without actual cups), although saucier styles are designed to sit under the bust. Overall, they tend to have a more visual effect on your figure. As a result, they work well with women who want a more pronounced waistline.Most corsets have lacing up the back (or front) that is tightened to gain more shape.

A bustier is very similar to a corset but in most cases is shorter in the body.Bustiers work well on any body type, but they're particularly helpful for women who want to look just a little bit more curvaceous. Bustiers do not cinch waists, but they do sit snugly enough to give that illusion. They’re also easier to wear with your daytime looks, and even easier to show off at night! In general these sexy classics feature lace up detailing. Match with a suspender belt and stockings and embrace the Burlesque look.

Basque – Very similar to a corset design, however, a basque will generally have cups and may feature more lace. Not designed to be as tight at the waist as a corset but may feature structured boning for support and shape. A beautiful lingerie style that can be worn as part of a sexy outfit – guaranteed to set things on fire in the bedroom! Look out for designs featuring detachable suspenders, giving you the option to wear with or without stockings.

Bralette – With several different designs and styles, bralettes are essentially less structured than bra’s. With soft cups and no underwire, and a sense of fashion and comfort over function. Bralettes are often detailed with decorativestyling like pretty straps, a high neck, or embroidery.These cute and sassy pieces can be worn as a fashionable crop top or under a sheer blouse or top for a sexy, trendy eye-catching style.

G-string vs Thong – These panty styles are a cause for confusion for some, as they are similar in design. Ultimately, they both expose your bum cheeks. The tiny thin string sides and back of a G-string however gives you the least coverage, but will give you a smoother silhouette under tight dresses and pants - giving your booty the spotlight!The thong is generally considered to be more comfortable and pretty because it has more fabric wrapping around your hips. Both are the ideal finishing touch to your lingerie look and ideal whentrying to avoid the visible panty line.

Open Cup / Peek-A-Boo - Also known as ‘open front’ or ‘cupless’, these styles offer easy access for play time! Cupless styles are definitely not meant for modesty, but could be worn underneath clothes if you are lucky enough to be able to pull off the latest ‘no bra’ trend. Peek-a-boo designs just give a little peek but have the same exciting easy access. Find this style in bra’s, bustiers, chemises, teddy’s, babydolls and bodystockings.

Open Back / Open side – Lingerie styles that feature panels of sheer or transparent material, giving a playful peek into what's going on underneath. Sometimes these design types might avoid fabric altogether, opting for stylish cut outs instead. Try these cheeky knickers, tights, chemises, bodysuits and teddy’s to add a little spice to your love life.

Crotchless / Open Crotch – Dressed and ready for the main event? No need to take it all off! Crotchless lingerie is an excellent option for when you want to add some extra fun to a night in the bedroom. Thongs and other styles of panties are the most popular types. However, there are many different options for sexy crotchless pieces, including bodysuits, teddies and bodystockings. An erotic open crotch design means you get to keep your lingerie on but with easy access, nothing gets in between you and a night of passion!

Want to add a more erotic twist or a sprinkle of dominatrix to any of the above styles? Check out our Wet Look, Faux Leather & Latex range for the ultimate vixen look.

Hosiery (Stockings, Tights, Suspenders & Garters) - Now you have your lingerie look sorted, it’s time for some finishing touches. Top off your stylish look or gift with co-ordinating tights, stockings and suspenders and find the perfect partner for your luxury lingerie.

Stockings – Thigh high stockings are considered a lingerie essential and have more of an erotic, fetish vibe than your regular, daily wear tights. Maybe this is because of the fact that that they tend to make it easier to access certain parts of your body! Sexy stockings come in all kinds of colours and designs from sheer, fishnet and opaque to fashionably patternedor with a sexy back seam.They cover the legs usually up to the middle / top of the thigh and can have a pretty decorative lace or ribbon top. Sometimes designed to wear with suspenders (better for thicker thighs) but can also be designed as ‘hold ups’ that don’t need suspenders to stay up, either way they can stay on whilst you get off! Whichever style or design you go for they are the icing on your cupcake in and out of the bedroom!

Suspender / Garter Belts – A sexy strap around the waist with suspender straps attached to hold stockings up. A timeless classic than never goes out of style! They often accentuate a woman's waist and hips and contrary to popular belief, you do not need to wear panties and suspender belts together. In fact, going commando when wearing these will most definitely add an extra sexy twist to your lingerie look and is sure to score you extra love points!

Tights - Waist high, tights smooth and shape your legs and booty with a classic look. With many stylish and sexy designs these are perfect for every day wear or in the bedroom…… choose from patterned, fishnet, fencenet, nude, opaque, backseam or be extra daring and go for a crotchless design to save time at that crucial moment!

Buying lingerie as a gift for someone else and need more help? Take a look at our Men’s Guide to buying Lingerie here for more tips.

Still stuck? Get in touch with our customer services team who will happy to help you find the perfect lingerie. Contact us here, 7 days a week.


Men’s Guide to Buying Lingerie

mens guide to lingerie

So, you’ve decided to treat your loved one to something a bit more daring and sexy than the usual perfume or bubble bath set (don’t be that guy). But where do you start choosing fabulous lingerie that she will love….. and more importantly ‘love you’ for? Don’t worry guys, we’re on hand to help. Whether it’s a gift for Birthday, Valentines, Christmas, Anniversary, Engagement, Wedding, a Push Present or just because you think she’s fine, you’ll find something just right at Bouji.

Does size count? Yes, it does – always! 

Now you just need to know what size your lady is. Easy! Just take a sneak peek in her drawers! Check one of her favourite bras for a number and a letter and check knickers for dress size. Our size guide will make it easy for you to cross reference dress sizes and inch measurements to S/M/L/XL etc.

Here at Bouji we have a huge range of lingerie that is designed as ‘one size fits most’ (see the guide to buying one size). Across the majority of our brands, we have lingerie that is designed in soft, stretch fabrics with halter necks and adjustable straps and fastenings for a comfortable and flexible fit. With ‘One Size’ and ‘One Size Plus’ or ‘Queen’ in lots of our ranges. These and all other sizes are displayed for you to choose from in the drop down box on each item. There is also a comprehensive size guide that covers our range of brands on each product page.

Lingerie Styles Explained

So, that’s the size sorted, but how do you tell the difference between a teddy and a corset? See our Style Guide where the world of lingerie will be explained in full. We also have fashion styles that include bralettes, bodysuits and corsets that are perfect if she is into the latest in vogue celeb underwear as outerwear trends!

What does she (not you) generally like?

Pay attention to the lingerie she currently has. Does it scream sex siren or pretty sexy? Tight and figure hugging or flowing and floaty? If you are just introducing your lady to lingerie take some hints from the kind of clothes she wears, tight or loose?

Try to ignore your wildest fantasies and concentrate on treating her to something classy and luxurious that will make her feel a million dollars. Women tend to buy their own day to day undies that are simple and comfortable so you are looking for something classy, glamourous and luxurious. Choose something too raunchy and risk making her feel uncomfortable -  you can always pick something a bit more risqué together another time. Or maybe she will surprise you!

Beautiful Black, Romantic Red or Petty Pink?

Take note of key colours in her underwear collection, does she lean towards dark and bold, pale and pastel or total sheer (see through)? Remember – if you want to see her in your sexy purchase, she needs to like it too!

Accessories and Hosiery

Don’t forget the finishing touches that will compliment your gift perfectly. Top off your stylish present with co-ordinating tights or stockings and suspenders.

Got it? Good! Now show her that you are the King of Romance > SHOP HERE


Guide to ‘One Size’ Lingerie

guide to one size

Buying for yourself or someone else and still baffled by styles and sizes even after reading our guide? In between sizes (or diets) or just a bit unsure of how something will fit? Well, let us introduce you to our one size and one size plus (queen) size - it could be the answer you’ve looking for!

Designed with stretch fabric for comfort and a flattering fit for most shapes and sizes, our one size lingerie and role play costumes are sure to fit the bill (and you)!

As long as you know that you or the person you are buying for falls between a UK dress size 6-16 or 16-24 you’ve cracked it. In general, our brands ‘one size’ fits a UK 6 to a smaller 16 and the ‘one size plus or queen size’ fits a bigger UK 16 to 24.

Remember – Sexy comes in all sizes!

Tip: If you’re buying for someone else take a peek at few of her dress labels to check her size.

Bouji’s Best One Size



Bouji's Best One Size Plus Size


Body Shape Guide

body shape

Sexy lingerie is just like any clothing – if it fits perfectly, you will look and feel amazing. Get it wrong and you end up looking like a pricked sausage - no matter how sexy and stunning your figure may be!

With so many different styles and designs in corsets, chemises, bodysuits and many more, it can be quite difficult to know what’s what and where to start. Hopefully our style guide has given you some ideas, but the real trick to getting lingerie right is finding the styles that are best suited to your body shape and make the most of your assets.

You’ve got it so flaunt it! We are beautifully unique and come in different shapes and sizes, but most of us will fall into a ‘body shape type’. Knowing your shape means you can show off your best bits with confidence in the sexiest of erotic lingerie. Decide which body type best matches your shape and OWN IT!

Pear: Full and curvy around the bum, hips and thighs with a small bust and shoulders

Apple: Fuller figure up top and around the middle with slim legs 

Curves / Hourglass: Curvy top to bottom, bust, hips, thighs and bum 

Athletic / Rectangle: Slim all over without curves 

Still not sure which shape you are? Check your shape on the calculator here.

Now let’s take a look at the styles that best flatter your beautiful bod!

Pear - Baby got back! Full knickers will flatter your bootylicious shape – wear with a bralette that will draw attention to your small waist going down into that curvy bottom. Your shape rocks the underwear as outerwear look, with a bralette paired with tight high waist jeans you’ll give Khloe Kardashian a run for her money! Keep thongs and g-strings for underneath a sheer chemise or babydoll.

Apple - Go big or go home! Show off your slim pins with sexy hold-ups and a short floaty babydoll that will skim over your shape to give a seductive buy comfortable style. Feel a bit more comfortable with your curves? Go for it with a stylish and erotic bodysuit with a plunging back or neck line.

Curves / Hourglass - You’ve got that Marilyn Monroe vibe going on! Embrace that Hollywood shape that even Beyonce would be proud of with sexy, classic pieces such as corsets and basques. Draw attention to your va-va-voom bottom with a short, tight garter slip or suspender belt that will lengthen your legs and draw attention to your sexy silhouette. The one question will be…. Can he handle your curves?

Athletic / Rectangle - Sexy and slender from top to bottom with subtle curves! Lucky you - you can virtually take your pick when it comes to sexy lingerie. Bodystockings are your friend as you can pull off the skin-tight head to toe look perfectly. Open cup bras or bralettes with G-strings look effortlessly sexy and a pretty babydoll will sit just right on you if you want to go for that romantic vibe.

Confidence is Key

When you’re killing it in hot lingerie, stockings and heels, the bits you’re not quite happy with will melt away. Show off your assets and give off an air of confidence, feel good about you and you will look fierce!

Dress-up Costume Guide

sexy dress up role play costumes

Want to get a little frisky with some bedroom role play but not sure if you should go for a naughty nurse or a french maid? Role play can be healthy for a relationship. It’s a bit of escapism and gets you out of your comfort zone to have some fantasy fun! Easily the best way to put some spark and excitement back into your sex life!

A Police uniform is perfect if you want to take charge and fancy getting the handcuffs out for a little light bondage….. his truncheon will definitely be pleased! Or, if you want your lover to take the lead, try a cheeky school girl, cheerleader or saucy secretary costume. Perhaps he could be the doctor to your naughty nurse and you can test each other’s bedside manner. Maybe you just want to surprise your other half after a hard day and give him a hard night! Meet him at the door in a french maid outfit and wait on him for the evening, you’ll be sure to get a tip.

Lets Talk About Sex

Not sure how to approach the topic of role play? Drop a few hints to your partner and get the conversation leaning towards fantasies and what turns you both on. Who knows, you could end up with a wardrobe full of fantasy role play costumes for every day of the week!

It's also important at this stage to set your boundaries. Discuss with your other half what you are and aren't comfortable with them doing or saying. If you're involving any sort of bondage in your play, remember to set a safe word so that your partner knows exactly when you want them to stop (although you may be begging for more!)

As long as you don’t over plan it or take yourselves too seriously you will be guaranteed to have fun and a mind blowing night….... if it’s your first time dressing up, it won’t be your last!


Guide to Loving Your Lingerie for Longer

lingerie care washing instructions

 How To Care For Lingerie & Swimwear

Your luxury lingerie (or swimwear) needs a bit of TLC too. Whatever the fabric, be sure to wash, dry and store it with extra care to keep it looking as hot as the day bought it. We have provided some top tips below to make sure your delicate lingerie needs to be taken care of so you can love it for longer!

It’s all in the label

Always read the label, simple right? Well not so simple if you have cut out the label (we’re pretty sure you don’t keep those things afterwards). Don’t panic, we have some tips that will prevent you making your smalls smaller and keep you looking fierce in your lingerie.

  • Hand Wash Only

Do it even if the instructions say you don’t have to. Your lingerie is fabulous and it’s worth it! Hand wash with only a little detergent in luke warm water. Soak for a little while first and don’t rub too much. Rinse, squeeze gently until water runs clear.

  • Made for the Machine

If your lingerie allows machine washing and you insist, wash your lingerie alone of possible. If not, make sure it’s washed with similar fabrics and colours. Wash on the lowest temperature possible and protect delicate decorations and metal fastenings by placing in a pillow case (or net laundry bag) before putting into the machine.

Whichever way you wash, remember cool water and don’t mix, darks, lights, whites and colours. Always dry naturally, avoid pegs and lay flat where you can. Store your lingerie on hangers when possible, if you need to use a draw make way for your special items. Have a clear out and make sure your luxury lingerie is folded gently and placed separately from anything that might catch on the delicate material.


Wash in hot water

Tumble dry

Dry on a heater / radiator

Wring out

Most important of all….. old and tired lingerie never got anyone the best sex of their lives! So if it’s been a while (sex or lingerie wise), ditch the tatty stuff and give your undies draw the kiss of life > SHOP NOW


Guide to Wearing Underwear as Outerwear

Khloe Kardashian underwear as outerwear body with jeans

Style up your lingerie with the latest trend in wearing your undies out! Well, if you’ve got it flaunt it and if you have bought your lingerie from Bouji, you’ve certainly got it!

It seems a shame to buy the most stylish, fashion led lingerie around and keep it hidden away in the bedroom. With the underwear as outerwear trend showcased by celebs like Rita Ora, Beyonce and the Kardashian clan you can now strut your lingerie style in the streets!

Strappy bras and fancy bralettes under sheer tops and open shirts are right on fleek. A sexy corset with skinny jeans can be a sassy day to evening look, and a bodysuit with attached choker worn with a tight skirt will hit the spot on date night! Go casual with a hoody and ripped jeans but give your look a sexy edge by wearing fishnet or patterned tights or stockings underneath!

Take a look at some of the celeb styles to see how you can also be a boss in your lingerie and get the look!

celebrity style wearing underwear as outerwear get the look 

Show us how bad & bouji you are with your latest looks on our social media and website with #bouji

So now you’re a lingerie loving expert – it’s time to Undress to Impress and put that knowledge to the test…… lets SHOP!


Swimwear Guide

swimwear guide

We all have unique and beautiful body shapes but with so many styles and designs to choose from its difficult to know what to go for (especially if you haven’t quite achieved your beach body goal). We believe you should be comfortable with your shape and feel great knowing that you're wearing something that shows off your best assets.

We have created this guide to help you learn about what shape you are and what styles play up your sexiest features. So, let's start with the typical body shapes and guide you to the one closest to you.

Pear: Full and curvy around the bum, hips and thighs with a small bust and shoulders

Apple: Fuller figure up top and around the middle with slim legs 

Curves: Curvy top to bottom, bust, hips, thighs and bum 

Athletic / Rectangle: Slim all over without curves 

All about the bust: Big bangers or bee stings 

Still not sure which shape you are? Check your shape on the calculator here.

Now let’s take a look at the styles that best flatter your beautiful bod!

Apple – A one piece is perfect for an apple shape. Go for a block colour but with some detail on the back or neckline. If you prefer a bikini, why not try a high cut leg and show off those pins!

Pear – You need balance! Try a plain bottom and match with a colourful print top with an eye catching neckline that will draw attention upwards. Avoid high cut legs.

Curves – A dark one piece with a plunging neck and/or back will show off your fabulous hourglass silhouette! Or a halter neck, high waist bikini with good coverage and support will highlight those voluptuous curves. If you’re curvy but petite, a monokini would look amazing!

Athletic – A padded halter neck in a patterned fabric can create the illusion of a cleavage, whilst strappy tie side hipster bottoms will show off your flat tummy. If you want to embrace your sporty physique, go for a racer back bikini, a one piece or why not try a surf style crop top.

Big Bust –  Avoid tassels, ruffled trims and bold embellishments on the top. Try a plain top with eye catching print bottoms. Support is key, so moulded cups and wires will help as will sturdy straps…. Or maybe try a trendy one piece to keep things in place.

Small Bust – Go mad with colourful bold patterns and padded halter necks! You are lucky enough that you don't need to worry about support, so embrace bandeaus, cute triangle or strapless tops.

Perfect swimwear sorted?! Don't forget to pack some stylish and classy cover-ups for those walks around the resort and cocktail hour at the beach bar.

Light or crochet shorts are perfect to slip on when nipping for a top up at the bar. Whilst pretty light dresses, fashionable long robes and playsuits or rompers can shade you from the sun but keep you looking super sexy whilst you pop for a spot of alfresco lunch. If you want something versatile that will be chic enough to wear on those days when you go straight from sun lounger to cocktail hour, try a cute jumpsuit, light stretch mini dress or a stylish maxi. Whatever you get up to on holiday we’ve got you covered!