Guide to Caring for Your Lingerie

Guide to Caring for Your Lingerie

 How To Care For Lingerie & Swimwear

Your luxury lingerie (or swimwear)  needs a bit of TLC too. Whatever the fabric, be sure to wash, dry and store it with extra care to keep it looking as hot as the day bought it. We have provided some top tips below to make sure your delicate lingerie needs to be taken care of so you can love it for longer!

It’s all in the label

Always read the label, simple right? Well not so simple if you have cut out the label (we’re pretty sure you don’t keep those things afterwards). Don’t panic, we have some tips that will prevent you making your smalls smaller and keep you looking fierce in your lingerie.

  • Hand Wash Only

Do it even if the instructions say you don’t have to. Your lingerie is fabulous and it’s worth it! Hand wash with only a little detergent in luke warm water. Soak for a little while first and don’t rub too much. Rinse, squeeze gently until water runs clear.

  • Made for the Machine

If your lingerie allows machine washing and you insist, wash your lingerie alone of possible. If not, make sure it’s washed with similar fabrics and colours. Wash on the lowest temperature possible and protect delicate decorations and metal fastenings by placing in a pillow case (or net laundry bag) before putting into the machine.

Whichever way you wash, remember cool water and don’t mix, darks, lights, whites and colours. Always dry naturally, avoid pegs and lay flat where you can. Store your lingerie on hangers when possible, if you need to use a draw make way for your special items. Have a clear out and make sure your luxury lingerie is folded gently and placed separately from anything that might catch on the delicate material.


Wash in hot water

Tumble dry

Dry on a heater / radiator

Wring out

Most important of all….. old and tired lingerie never got anyone the best sex of their lives! So if it’s been a while (sex or lingerie wise), ditch the tatty stuff and give your undies draw the kiss of life > SHOP NOW