Tired of Being Tired?

Posted on 16 February 2019

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Tired of Being Tired?

Do you have a tough time falling asleep or staying asleep even when you do? We’ve taken a look at the reasons why you might be struggling to get to the land of Zzzz and more importantly what you can do to drift away into a blissful nights sleep!

Whilst the initial effect of alcohol is relaxation and you may find you drop off to sleep quickly after a tipple, indulge too much and it can disturb your sleep cycle and make you restless. Plus, you’ll probably wake up for the loo which always interrupts your beauty sleep.

Stresses and worries of the day – let it go! When you settle yourself into bed and your mind starts to roam and focus on any negative issues you have going on, you could combat this by trying meditation before bedtime. Don’t concentrate on the things bothering you, move on to the things that you are grateful for before hitting the hay! Above all, whatever you’re worrying about, it isn’t going to be resolved by you lying awake all night staring at the ceiling so give yourself a break and tackle things a fresh in the morning.

Ban caffeine after mid-afternoon. We all know that an Americano is not a great idea for a bedtime drink, but did you know that the Costa Coffee you have to perk you up late afternoon can still be in your system and stimulating you (not in a good way) at bedtime! Switch to decaf or herbal tea and think of something more fun to stimulate you at bedtime - we can think of a few ideas!

Phones, laptops and tablets are all bedtime no no’s. Light tells your brain that it’s time to wake up so make sure you switch off at least an hour before bedtime – there are other things you can turn on in bed! Choose lined curtains and blackout blinds to eliminate any light from outside …… or bring out your inner glamour puss with a satin eye mask and snuggle down in the dark for a better night sleep.

A leisurely stroll before bedtime can be relaxing (depending on the weather) but a heavy cardio workout of the exercise variety before bedtime is not a good idea. This kind of stimulation and increase in temperature is not a good combo for a decent nights sleep. Instead we recommend some romance and slow love making to help you drift off relaxed and purring like a kitten!

A good nights sleep is important for your health and wellbeing both physically and mentally….. but remember the bed isn’t just for sleeping in!

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