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Posted on 24 March 2019

Married Women Should Be Getting Theirs blog

...Should Be Getting Theirs!

Get Yours: 

Whilst it's thought around 40% of women fake their orgasms, women are actually capable of having multiple orgasms in a single sex session, even into double figures….. AND according to Good Housekeeping, married women are twice as likely to have one.

A website dedicated to female sexual pleasure (, claims that female orgasms get better with age  …… what are you waiting for! So, you've been married (or as good as for years), sex and orgasms have been bumped down to the bottom of life's to do list? Well we want to give you some reasons to throw on some sexy lingerie and get the earth moving again.

Remember that feeling after good sex? Sex, and especially orgasms shared with your loved one is a feeling like no other and can leave you smiling like the cat that got the cream. A U.S. study found that happiness is related to sex and  that means the more sex the better.

Fallen out of the swing of regular intimacy? Well like most good things in life, a little effort is required. According to if want to reconnect, planning a weekend getaway could help to get you back in the saddle. Be sure to take some seductive essentials on your weekend away too and don't forget a hot a piece of lingerie!

Also, spending some time on you and doing something that will make you feel sexy can help get things back on track in the bedroom. Maybe get your hair and nails done or better still, how about a spot of intimate waxing?

According to award winning waxer Hannah at Cheshire's A-List Beauty, whether you go for Bikini, Brazilian or the everything off Hollywood, a smooth long lasting finish down below will leave you feeling sensual all over! If like most of us you have been put off for life by a D.I.Y waxing disaster, you’ll have faith restored by reading the A-List Beauty blog and seeing what Hannah's clients have to say about tidying up that lady garden. If you’re visiting the North West get yourself booked in with Cheshire's A-List Beauty - you won’t regret it!

Good Housekeeping are telling us from information in a New York study that being in a committed relationship makes women almost twice as likely to climax than if you were having a casual fling. After all, your hubby has had time to study what works best for you (if he still doesn’t know - TELL HIM!).

75%  of married women are having orgasms so light some candles, pull on the fishnets and make sure you are one of them!

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