No Excuses!


Calling All Yummy Mummies, Hot Wives & Gorgeous Girlfriends (of ALL ages)

According to an article in Good Housekeeping experts define a sexless relationship as having sex  less than once per month (10 times per year). If this is you…. Read on!

So, what is your excuse for not getting it on? Insecurities? Young, old, petite, plus size, tall, short…. We ALL have them.

The thing is, quite often we are our own harshest critics and others often don’t see those little flaws that we get so hung up on. Whilst you may focus on your imperfections …… there will be a certain someone who thinks you are absolutely flawless! So, your self-esteem may be a little low. You might have gained / lost a few pounds more than you’d like, boobs may be bigger / smaller that that celeb whose style you like, you’re burnt out through kids, career or both or maybe you have simply been with your loved one for years and that initial fire has dwindled to a tiny flame.


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Good Housekeeping suggest taking a break from your routine and suprising your other half with a new look occasionally!

Whatever got you to the ‘I’m too old to pull that off’ or ‘We’re past all that now’ stage, you’re never too old, too out of shape, too busy, too tired …… its never too late to feel sensual and sexy, not just for your other half but for you!

Trust us when we tell you that if on your next date night, you run a sensual bubble bath, have massage oils and love dust at the ready whilst you pose in a flame red corset, pale pink babydoll or leopard print lingerie and stockings ……..Nobody will be thinking about that bit of cellulite on your thighs, your tummy or the fact you’re a AA rather than a DD! 


With a huge collection covering all types of sexy lingerie in a range of sizes you are bound to find a thing or two that will be comfortable whilst taking you just outside that comfort zone! Once you have tried that drop of sensual and sprinkle of seduction you’ll soon realise that we can all look and more importantly feel sexy! So next time why not try a dash of extra hot sauce with leather & latex lingerie your other half begging for more from guess who? YOU!!!




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