Love Yourself!

Masturbation... Many of us love to do it but hate to admit it or even talk about it. Even though we don't actually believe that masturbating will make us blind or make hair grow on our palms, there is still a stigma associated to pleasuring yourself through masturbation. For some of us this puts us off altogether, for others it means engaging in quick secret rubbing rather than taking time to enjoy the erotic feelings of touching yourself with slow self stimulation.

Apart from the amazing sensations you get from masturbation, it may also be good for your health so maybe we shouldn't be so shy about doing it! There is increasing evidence of the health benefits that can be gained through self stimulation. So much so that some believe it should be as much a part of our routine as going to the gym!

Benefit yourself

Solo-sex acts could benefit you in more ways than you think. With the possibility of increased self-esteem and other feel-good psychological benefits - all at the tips of your fingers and in the palm of your hands! Masturbation is a natural and healthy way of exploring what turns you on, your sexuality, sexual fantasies and releasing sexual tension when you're not getting any. Self exploration can be particularly important for women to discover the different routes to orgasm-once you know how to hit that spot you can then show your partner!

Research has shown that people who participate in this form of sexual independence have better body image, a greater sense of well-being, more self-esteem, increased sexual satisfaction, and less anxiety when it comes to sex than individuals who do not masturbate.

Masturbation can also help to relieve symptoms of stress by your orgasms releasing feel-good chemicals, endorphins and oxytocin in your brain. Some studies have shown that the stress-relieving qualities of this is associated with a decreased risk of depression. 

Oxytocin is the feel-good chemical that gives you the warm fuzzy feeling after sex, and it also has anti-carcinogenic properties! 

Endorphins are known to act as painkillers, this is why masturbation is such a good cure for menstrual cramps and migraines. Endorphins also help you sleep better so if you find you cant get off to sleep, get off in another way and throw your hand (or sex toy) into the mix for a blissful nights sleep. 

Solo-sex can also be good for your heart, immune system, muscles and skin. Masturbation can even help you get over the flu by increasing your white blood cell count and health-promoting hormone levels. The increased heart rate that comes with getting yourself off strengthens your heart muscle, and the testosterone that’s released in both men and women during orgasm reduces the risk of a heart attack according to some studies. 

Lets get it on!

Make yourself feel sexy with lingerie, nice bedding, music, candles. Leave your phone in another room (unless you're watching porn), dim the lights and get comfortable. Or maybe run a bubble bath or get in a hot steamy shower - soapy hands can be a great way to ease yourself in to some self-love, maybe try out a waterproof sex toy!

Gently explore yourself all over concentrating on nipples and genitals until you find what makes you feel good. Let your mind relax whilst you live out your fantasies in your imagination. Make things more sensual with some erotic porn and turn things up a notch with some lubricant and experiment with a range of sex toys. You may never leave your bedroom!!!!!!!!!


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