Lingerie Styles Explained

Are you wondering what on earth the difference is between a babydoll and a corset and you thought a teddy was cute and furry with paws. Well don't worry, we’ve provided some definitions for you below.
If you're buying a lingerie gift for someone else and don’t quite get it, just concentrate on if the person you are buying for generally prefers something tight or loose fitting, something revealing or with a bit more coverage and you’ll find the perfect style match.
Babydoll – Short and floating, usually flares out under the bust, often worn as a sexy nighty.

Chemise – Similar to a babydoll but usually more fitted. 

Chemise with suspenders – Usually like a tight chemise but with attached suspender straps to attach stockings.

Teddy – One piece garment, covers the torso and crotch, similar style to a bodysuit, but typically looser.

Bodysuit – One piece and tight fitting, covers the torso and the crotch. Similar style to a swimsuit or a leotard. Sometimes worn as a top with jeans or a skirt.

Bodystocking – A bodysuit with legs (built in tights) and sometimes sleeves. Maybe crotchless.

Corset/Basque - Generally covers the torso with a tight waist to give an hourglass shape – sometimes laces up the front or back.

Bralette – Usually detailed and decorative, comes further down the torso than a traditional bra. Often soft cups and no underwire. Can be worn as a fashion crop top or under a sheer blouse or top for a trendy style.

Stockings – Cover the legs usually up to the middle / top of the thigh. May be ‘hold ups’ that don’t need suspenders to stay up.

Suspender/Garter Belts – A sexy strap around the waist with suspender straps attached to hold stockings up.

If you really want to spice things up, consider the open cup and/or crotchless styles. For the leather and latex lovers, check out our teddies and corsets in erotic leather & latex.

Hosiery - Now you have the main event sorted, its time for some finishing touches. Top off your stylish look or gift with co-ordinating tights or stockings and suspenders.



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