Guide to the G-Spot

Whilst we know you don't want to ignore the pleasure you can get from rubbing the outside of your vagina - it's time to take a look at what mind blowing satisfaction you can get from the inside..... let's take a trip to the g-spot.

But first - here's the science bit....

The clitoris is an external and internal genital organ that actually gives the penis a run for its money in size. The internal side of your clitoris is an area of erectile tissue around your vaginal canal and urethra - this, like your clitoris swells when you're aroused making it super sensitive..... Welcome to the G-Spot!

So now we know where it is (no map needed), how do we stimulate it for the orgasm of all orgasms?

Start off by being aroused - use whatever your preferred method is to get those juices flowing. Slip on some sexy lingerie, maybe play with some sex toys and lube.... whatever works for you but once you're turned on that sweet spot will be easier to find.

Insert one finger and have a little feel around - feel along the wall towards the belly button. The G-spot will feel slightly rough and when you initially press on it there might be an urge to go to the loo, this is normal, go before you start and you'll be fine!

Pressure is often preferred over rubbing but try out a few different actions to see what works for you (or your partner). Vibrators and dildos are a perfect tool for experimenting and will help you know where you need to press.

So, now you're a pro lets multi task! Just when you thought the G-spot was as good as it gets - at the same time rub the outside or get your partner to - why not try a bit of team work!

As with most orgasms, what works is different for everyone, just keep experimenting and trying new things until you hit what is right for you.... we're sure you'll have plenty of fun along the way! 

Leave your hints and tips here in the comments to help fellow readers get right to the spot!

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