Decent Proposal

Decent Proposal

Popping the Question

Planning a romantic getaway surprise, an extra special birthday present or maybe you can’t wait and you want to pop the question on any old day of the week but need a little inspiration? We have put together a few of our favourite suggestions that will ensure it is a time you will both remember for ever.

From extravagant public proposals to getting on one knee in your own lounge, we have ideas to make sure you get that ‘I do’!

♥ Write it in the sky – Hire a skywriter to spell out your proposal across the sky. An oldie but a classic, bit weather dependent, just make sure she doesn’t miss it!

♥ Treasure Hunt -  Set up a treasure hunt for your partner that ends with your proposal. Incorporate some of your favourite or most memorable places for an added touch of romance.

♥ Arrange a romantic weekend away in the city of love and propose at the the top of the Eiffel Tower …… or wait until after you have visited the tower and she is no longer expecting a proposal and have roses, candles and champagne set up in your hotel room and take her by surprise.

♥ Goodnight Sweetheart – This one is simple but effective, spell ‘will you marry me out in glow-in-the-dark stickers on your bedroom ceiling and wait for bedtime.

♥ Edible Proposal – Take your loved one out for a romantic meal and arrange for the restaurant to write ‘will you marry me?’ in chocolate sauce for desert.

♥ Al Fresco – Go for a romantic picnic in a beautiful setting and let her find the ring box amongst the scotch eggs and mini pork pies.

♥ Cheers – Freeze the ring in an ice cube and pop it in her drink. Wait to watch the ring appear in her glass …… just make sure she doesn’t swallow it!

♥ Happy Birthday – Proposing on an occasion that calls for a big balloon…… tie the ring box to the bottom of the balloon ribbon.

♥ Don’t String Her Along – Whilst having a romantic Sunday morning breakfast in bed, tie a piece of cotton to her ring finger, then let the ring slide down as you pop the question.

♥ Home Is Where The Heart Is - Finally, our own personal, absolute favourite is…….

Under the disguise of a romantic and thoughtful birthday present, get up before sunrise and give her a birthday morning to remember. Whilst your lady is still in bed, creep to the lounge and fill it with candles. Have at the ready on your TV, a photo slide show of your best memories together along with a romantic sound track (all prepared in advance). Wake your soon to be fiancé, wish her happy birthday and lead her into the candle lit room. As she is watching the slide show and remembering all of those wonderful times you have had, get the ring ready for the grand finale!

As the song and slide show come to an end, there will be a final photo…….. it’s a beautiful beach, and in the sand there is written a question ….. Will You Marry Me?’


All that is left for you to do is pop on that ring and live happily ever after!


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