Dare to Bare

Is modern society and the current culture of displaying our lives in pictures likely to play a huge part in women today not having the confidence to go bare?

A study by Renfrew Centre Foundation found that 44% of women relay on makeup to feel attractive and many started wearing makeup from the age 13. In another survey it was found that 50 percent of those surveyed feel pressured to edit and alter their appearance and how they ‘really’ look before posting pics on social media.

In a world full of filtered and photoshopped celebs and ‘influencers’ everywhere you look it’s perhaps understandable that we put ourselves under huge pressure to meet what are essentially unrealistic goals. A campaign run by Renfrew - Barefaced & Beautiful, promotes the message that revealing your natural self can be an empowering experience and this is extremely important in encouraging women to form a healthier body image. Participants are invited to join with one or more friends, family members, classmates or colleagues to snap a picture of themselves removing their make-up and going ‘au natural’.

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In the US earlier this year, The Renfrew Center Foundation also showed its support of Eating Disorder Awareness by introducing its "This is ME!" campaign. The social media driven campaign encourages women to embrace their unique attributes and to feel motivated to share them with the world.


A UK based campaign ‘The Be Real Campaign’ is aiming to also change attitudes to body image by promoting body confidence and health over appearance. The Be Real Campaign refer to low body confidence being damaging people’s lives and impacting people’s physical and mental health. They promote health and education to urge people to celebrate feeling good and being healthy and to place this above the way they look.

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We couldn’t agree more! It’s time for us to set the example for the next generation by having confidence in our real selves and not being afraid to show of our natural gorgeousness!

Whether it’s revealing your natural facial beauty or showing off your beautiful body we encourage you to embrace your perfect imperfections this festive season and show the world the real you! Let’s forget stressing about the contouring and highlighting, the perfect lighting, only getting naked by candle light and finding the filter that makes us look more like a model. How about this year we concentrate more on living in the moment, having fun with loved ones, feeling good about ourselves, our faces and bodies…….. and let’s try going with the first take for our social media pics. Life is too short to spend it highlighting, filtering and covering up!

Live, laugh, love …… but most of all be you!

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