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Body Confidence - Love The Skin You're In! We need to stop aspiring to be like the celebs we see on Instagram. It’s bad for our health and the perception we have of ourselves. There is research to suggest that constantly looking at these ‘picture perfect’ people on social media has a detrimental impact on our self-esteem – here’s the science bit.

Let’s stop wasting our time wishing that we were someone else. Instead of insta stalking your favourite model or celebrity, focus your time and energy on how fabulous you and your body are!

Time to start a love affair with yourself.

Make a mental note of the things you like about you (makes a change from focusing on the things you don’t like right!). This might be a cute birth mark you have, you may have fabulous hair, pretty feet, maybe you love your boobs or bum – or maybe you’re a great mum or amazing friend!

Next, embrace your imperfections. Life is not filtered or airbrushed and even those celebs you idolise have to take all of that highlighter off their face at some point! You are real – so forget faking it, learn to love yourself and feel those insecurities melt away.

Remember, we are leading the way for the following generations of women, it’s up to us to break the culture of aspiring to be something that is not real or unattainable – let’s show daughters, granddaughters, nieces and sisters that it’s OK to just be yourself.

Give your mind, body and soul some TLC. Exercise is a great way to feel good - so forget the scales, target weights and measurements – it’s about feeling good and being healthy, not about shrinking waistlines or building mega bums! Whatever your size or ability, find something that suits you and get the blood pumping a few times a week to get a beautiful glow both inside and out (also having more sex is guaranteed to give you a boost).

Once you’ve exercised the body – don’t neglect the mind and soul as this is where the real confidence and feel good factor will come from! Acknowledge your brilliance (and yes you are brilliant) a couple of times a day with an affirmation that will keep you on track and feeling confident. Here a few ideas to get you started:

‘I am a strong and beautiful woman’
‘I am going to be the best version of me – nobody else’


Remember – confidence is a state of mind!

Be nice! Being an all-round good person and being nice to others will always make you beautiful and will help that self-esteem shine through. Ugly on the inside does not make for a beautiful person on the outside!

Show it off with pride! Don’t be tempted to cover up under layers of shapeless clothes. Find what suits your shape and fits you comfortably – embrace the skin you’re in whether its petite or queen size!

Stay positive and don’t say negative things about yourself to yourself, especially about your body - if you wouldn’t say it to a friend about theirs don’t say it to yourself about yours.


Last but not least – SMILE! It’s the most beautiful curve you have!

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