Wear It With Confidence

Putting on lingerie can be a nerve-wracking experience. We get it, you're not alone. Not feeling confident in lingerie comes from what you are thinking - not your body. Learn to see yourself for the sex bomb that you are!

Forget being dissatisfied with yourself and change your focus to satisfaction - guaranteed with Bouji! 

  • If you wouldn't say it about your best mate, don't say it about yourself
  • Keep a mental note of the things that people compliment you on
  • Show yourself some love - maybe a splash of new perfume or get your nails done
  • Celebrate yourself and focus on your positives 
  • Shoulders back and head up high - show you are confident and you will be confident

We want you to feel sure of yourself and ooze confidence in our sexy lingerie, whether you are wearing it to tease someone else or please yourself!

Still not sure? Read our Body Confidence blog for more tips. Also, check out 7 Healthy Ways To Start Feeling More Confident.

If you don't know what lingerie style to go for or want to see what your body shape is, take a look at our handy guides.

Body confidence ticked, try pushing your boundaries a touch further with a fantasy role play costume. Once you have had a night of unrivalled passion as a naughty nurse or a dirty french maid , there will be no stopping you!

We’d love to hear your comments on your body confidence tips. Comment below with how you feel confident in your lingerie!

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